Every student should have knowledge of the chess rules. Furthermore, it is highly beneficial for the student to have basic understanding of any professional chess software such as ChessBase, Houdini, etc. The software can be bought at https://shop.chessbase.com/en/cat_root . However, the latter is just a suggestion that could considerably improve the learning process.
Yes, sign up now and schedule a private session right away using the calendar system. There are available hours seven days a week. Make sure to sign up 24 hours in advance!
Homework will be assigned at the end of every lesson and is mostly in the form of further in-depth analysis of the material discussed throughout the lesson.
Yes! I will be more than happy to answer every question regardless of the skill level.
The course will be live and streamed via the app gotomeeting.com . Shortly before each session I will give out a link which will enable you to attend the daily session.
Personal lessons are the most efficient and effective means to become skilled at chess. However, there are some invaluable benefits from practicing as a part of a group as well, especially given that questions are permitted. Most importantly, each student will be able to observe and learn from the other students in the group and compare perspectives. This way of studying creates an environment that allows for a faster learning process.
Through its one-of-kind feature “Credit System”, the learning session will proves to be most effective to the learners. You can buy credit points according to your stage i.e. where you are to the stage where you want to reach. Once you will buy the credit points, you will be able to book sessions for yourself according to your feasibility. Though you need to keep in mind that the credits will go away within 3 months of purchase so better utilize it. You can select the date and time which best suits you from the available slots. After you will book your appointment, you will get an instant message on your registered email about the booking. The dashboard panel will show your credits remaining and the expiry date before which you have to use your credit points. The credit system gives you the freedom to learn at your own terms.
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