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To be an expert at chess requires the ability to fit all of the components of the game together into one cohesive, winning approach. True greatness requires philosophy, psychology, and knowledge of the game. All three elements are necessary to perceive the game as a whole and develop the skill to master any opponent. My teaching style is unique in that I show players how to combine these elements as they learn instead of developing one at a time. Many players who learn them separately are never able to successfully meld them later. Consequently, they never develop their full aptitude and lose to less knowledgeable, less experienced competitors. Once a player is able to view the big picture in chess by utilizing psychology, philosophy and chess skills he can dominate an opponent. Philosophically, I emphasize the similarities between chess and life. These tenants can be used on and off the board. One important element of both chess and life is time management. Knowing how to determine moves that increase the efficiency of the pieces can improve a player’s position, while decreasing the number of calculations he must make. Conversely, this may increase the uncertainty of an opponent and cause him to hesitate or act rashly. In essence, ChessUnleashed will teach you to be an advanced chess player by employing an approach that few novice players are permitted to access, an approach developed by a grandmaster. If you truly desire an advantage over your opponents, enter the mind of a grandmaster!
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